Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burned by the Love

why am I burned ?
when you're smiling down on me

why am I getting up ?
when you're sitting next to me

why am I angry ?
when you're trying to reach my hand

why do I stay away ?
when you're coming up

what's wrong ?
what's going on ?
any disparity ?
I don't know why this happens

I don't know
what turmoil on my heart is
is it love ?
or otherwise, hate

if it's love, why should I do stay away from you
if it's hate, why should I do long you

anybody tell me please ?
anybody tell me what happen actually
cause the owner doesn't know

Monday, August 15, 2011


hope comes from the light
you should not to lose anything
that because of a light
you can see anything

birds sing everywhere when it comes
no matter hopeless time

shiny glass under sunlight
it's the sign that we are still alive
get the spirit under the light
sincerely we could be brave

looking forward with no worry
I hope today you can also see
shiny day awaking tired soul
it could make you whole

When love comes

There something coming suddenly
when you give the smile in front of me
like a rocket shooting directly
my heart's unbearable

so I got to be silent
week and helpless

like butterflies in the gloom
at springtime
your glossy hair issues love
I'm anesthetized
of soulful adoration

you're a girl in my deep night
please don't disappear on the dark
I'm afraid to explore the night without you

There something coming suddenly
is it something called love ?
no matter what it is
but through your eyes
I can feel the sound


so sad tonight
the moonlight's hiding from me

no shine light anymore
only bark of wolf replacing

so please don't bring your tears
your fake tears
I'm not your Prince

stay away your Weep
fully loaded of lie
I hate it
so hate it !

your beautiful face
is just a mask
no love anymore
cause you are a whore

the memories deleted
one stroke crapped
can you feel it ?
feel my scream...

but the time comes faster
nothing should to weep
cause this life's to good
if you understood

since then,
I choose to be alone...

* Puisi ini cocok untuk anda yang sedang patah hati namun ingin tetap tegar, atau yang sedang memilih untuk sendiri.

Lonely at Night Time

Night time comes over me
So many void inside
Sucked into the dirty room
Soaked by unrealized dreams

Everybody knows that
dreams are just killing our minds
when it could not be realized yet
But I'm sure that,
it's the place of the passions come from

Come out to quiet road
in my Downtown
Only the sounds of car's horn cheering me up
The Night Breeze just challenging my balance
and flying my soul to be freeze

I wish I could find you
Who could live in this unconditional life
Accompany every second
As soon before my last breath coming
But yeah I'm OK
cuz God is always in me
So deep inside!